Freelance copy editor or content editor

You write out of a need to communicate, whether that need springs internally or is impressed upon you externally, such as when your boss says “Get that press release done and out of here.”

You have a desire to communicate but you may not be a grammar and punctuation expert. It may have only recently occurred to you that professional-level writing is often a matter of re-writing and editing. You, as a writer, may not want to wear the editor hat. You just want to write and, frankly, that is generally how it’s done: Writers write and editors edit.

You may think that you can’t afford to hire an editor to review your book or your story to ensure that it’s world class before you publish. However, if you are writing for the public and have the slightest insecurity that your work is not 100 percent professional and presentable, then you can’t afford to not hire an editor. The reasons are summed up in Will Rogers’ famous quote: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Editors can be expensive, particularly if they have a long list of credits and a university degree.

There are plenty of editors, like myself, who didn’t go to prestigious universities and who have not yet edited bestsellers and the like.

A degree from a school with an immediately recognizable name is a good thing to have. However, it’s no guarantee that the degree holder has a “feel” for words, for trains of thought or for the effects writers are seeking to create in their readers.

I have that capacity. I have satisfied customers and my fees are reasonable.

You can find an affordable editor for your book, your web content, your business campaign pieces and whatever else.

# # #

Steve Wagner is a Los Angeles-based freelance copywriter and editor whose clients include American Songwriter magazine, The Hard Truth magazine, the public relations firm MWPR, in Burbank, CA and the diversity consulting organization Global Collaborations, Inc., in Houston, TX. If you are seeking a professional editor, contact him at swagner (at) writer-editor-etc (dot) com and he will be happy to talk with you about your project.



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