A little about me

I am a freelance copy writer and editor with more than 12 years of experience. I have written for American Songwriter magazine, James Publishing and PsychSearch.net, as well as website copy for several businesses. I have edited novels, business campaign materials, book sections, e-books, web copy and more. 

In addition to a solid grounding in grammar, syntax and punctuation, I simply possess a lot of care in ensuring that the job is done right and that your book, your poems, your web content, campaign roll-out materials–whatever, gets the treatment it deserves and goes out into the world as world-class copy.

Here are some of my recent client testimonials: 

“I received my edited manuscript this week and I now have the confidence to move forward with publishing. His work is meticulous. If I could make everyone who needed an editor choose Steve, I would. He’s just that great! I pray this is the beginning of a long and productive working relationship!”

–Ebony F., 5/5 stars March 20, 2014

You did great job! Thank you for helping me to edit, proofread and format my thesis.

–Dana A., 5/5 stars November 19, 2013

“I am so very impressed with Steve’s work on my book! Thank you, Steve!”

Vida S., 4/5 stars September 7, 2013

“My document was returned to me within 6 days with all errors corrected, much to my
surprise. Steve took the time to research the historical aspects of my text but did not
change them. He blue-lined them and then sent me recommendations as what should be 
changed in order to be historically correct. That greatly impressed me and I will definitely use 
Steve’s services next time my pen dribbles out something of interest.”

Charles R., 5/5 stars September 1, 2013

“Steve’s detailed, meticulous approach to the job he did for me resulted in my complete admiration for his skills. I will definitely use Steve as my permanent editor, and I will refer him to my writing friends. In fact, I refer him to anyone and everyone who desires an excellent edit for their work. 

Marsha L., 5/5 stars August 28, 2013



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